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At R10 Windows Manufacturing Ltd we pride ourselves in doing everything possible to minimise waste and conserve resources. That's why recycling has become a large part of everything we do here.

The recycling at R10 Windows Manufacturing Ltd starts from the manufacturing process. During the fabrication of your windows we always cut our materials in the most efficient way which reduces the amount of unusable waste, then in partnership with Swish windows and doors we send our waste to a company called Dekura who then grind down the materials which create granules that are then turned into brand new extruded material which are the used to produce more products that are thermally efficient.

It's also a common misconception that old PVC-u windows and doors can't be recycled and that they go into landfill as a result. Thankfully this is not the case, modern recycling techniques are used to strip the old windows of metal and any mortar and then are recycled in the same way as our waste material and reused again. We also recycle the glass we remove which is ground down and reused in tarmac for roads.

Many households are also replacing their old single glazed units for our double glazed/triple glazed units which are more efficient in terms of insulation and protection which helps reduce your domestic fuel bills and energy use.

At R10 Windows Manufacturing Ltd, we want to enhance the environment not destroy it, that why we use 100% recycled materials whenever and wherever we can.

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